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Enabling Real-time

Depth Perception

for Augmented Reality, Robotics

and Autonomous Driving

ISMAR 2017

Best Demo


Our technology

Our Technology

What can we do?

Simple and Complex Objects

Interact with Real Objects in Real-time

by estimating the 3D pose with a latency of ~2ms per object using 1 CPU core 

2-AR in Challenging Scenarios

Be Robust in Challenging Scenarios

that include clutter, occlusion and poor lighting conditions

3-AR Example

Augment a Top Hat for AR

where the algorithm's accuracy minimizes jitters in order to interact smoothly

4-Bin Picking

Find Objects in a Bin for Robotics

even when they are occluded by identical objects

SLAM with detection

Augment the Environment

from simultaneously reconstructing the scene and detecting the objects

Reconstruction for Autonomous Driving

Reconstruct the Scene while Driving

in real-time using a single RGB camera

SLAM with Semantic Reconstruction

Perceive the Surrounding

by semantically reconstructing the scene in real-time


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