Enabling Real-time

Depth Perception

for Augmented Reality, Robotics

and Autonomous Driving

ISMAR 2017

Best Demo



Our Technology

What can we do?


Interact with Real Objects in Real-time

by estimating the 3D pose with a latency of ~2ms per object using 1 CPU core 


Be Robust in Challenging Scenarios

that include clutter, occlusion and poor lighting conditions


Augment a Top Hat for AR

where the algorithm's accuracy minimizes jitters in order to interact smoothly


Find Objects in a Bin for Robotics

even when they are occluded by identical objects


Augment the Environment

from simultaneously reconstructing the scene and detecting the objects


Reconstruct the Scene while Driving

in real-time using a single RGB camera


Perceive the Surrounding

by semantically reconstructing the scene in real-time


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